CTS-V Heat Exchanger Upgrade


A necessity for any supercharged engine, especially when asking for increased performance. Superior cooling efficiency to the stock unit. Dimensions are 21 X 16 ½ X 2 ½ with a 1 ¼ core compared to the stock 0.5″ thickness. Hand welded, pressure tested and proudly made in Phoenix, Arizona


The Korkar Performance CTS-V heat Exchanger Upgrade is a must have for any high horsepower forced induction vehicle.  The KPE CTS-V Heat Exchanger Upgrade is manufactured with a 1.25″ core which provides 102% more surface area for heat transfer. Easy installation utilizes the OE coolant lines and slips right into the OE location.  No bumper modifications or welding and cutting of the core support for those large bulky brick style exchangers and inter-coolers. We all know heat is the enemy of performance and performance engine components, gain superior cooling with over twice the surface area over stock, all with an OE fit and finish.
KPE CTS-V Heat Exchanger
If you live in extreme climates like us here in the Desert West, or have modifications to your boost, tuning, pulley upgrades and fuel system upgrades, the KPE heat exchanger is a must have for those hot days and higher boosted engines. Also a great upgrade for any 6.2L LSA engine, better heat transfer equals improved performance and longevity to your engine and its components.  A great edition to your CTS-V for added peace of mind to help protect your investment.

All KPE Products are proudly Made in the USA

Additional information

Weight 28 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 24 × 6 in

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