Silverado Sierra 5.3L Performance Tuning


Silverado Sierra 5.3L Performance Tuning package

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Silverado Sierra 5.3L Performance Tuning includes an IPF Tuning module and software license for your vehicle. Bring your truck to life with the proprietary performance software from IPF Tuning and KPE. Find out for yourself why IPF Tuning is becoming the top choice for dealers globally. Adds 25+ WHP and 30+ WTQ with our stage one tuning. Available tuning options for the Silverado and Sierra include DOD enhancement for increased fuel economy or DOD DELETE for improved throttle response on the highway (DOD = 4 cyl mode) IPF Also offers Speedometer calibration for lifted trucks, lowered trucks or any vehicle running larger or smaller then OE tire diameter. Speedometer calibration is also required for those who install taller or shorter differential gears. There is a $50 fee for speedo calibration with the purchase of the tuning package.

All software is designed and engineered to enhance the performance, efficiency and drivability of your vehicle to achieve the optimal balance of power, reliability and driver experience. All performance tuning requires a minimum of 91 Octane fuel. Over 20 years of manufacturer level ECU software design backs our brand. Power. Performance. Proven.

All IPF Tuning software packages include the IPF Tuning Module and software license. The IPF Module has the capability to program an unlimited number of late model GM products. You now have the ability to upgrade the software for all your late model GM Trucks, SUV’s and cars with additional software license purchase. The flashing procedure is easy to use and requires any PC running the Windows XP, 7, 8 or 8.1 Operating systems and a high-speed internet connection. PDF instruction manual is included and live phone support is available during normal business hours M-F 8-5pm PST. Please see our Contact Page for details.

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